My First Trekking Experience. Part-2

Abhi Khandelwal
5 min readJan 5, 2019

This is the story of my first trekking experience.

View from the Hotel Room

After 5 hours of nap , it was 6:15 AM, 30-dec-2018. My friends were still sleeping, I slowly opened the door and was mesmerized by view in front of my eyes, It was the time of dawn(time before sunrise), snow on the mountains was alike silver, at that time I can easily feel the cold air pounding on my face and that feel is totally worth it. After while Sun rised from the mountains and then we all got ready and gathered at the beginning point of trek. Over there we got to know very important rules from our trek leaders for the trekking.

1.We all have to stay together during trek , so nobody gets lost.
2.We don’t have to carry much load.
3.We have to stay hydrated

So, Now our Trek is basically divided into two parts
1. Raithal to Gui Camp Side(7,400 ft to 9,500 ft)
2. Gui to Dayara(9,500 ft to 12,057 ft)
So first we have to reach Gui and on the next day we have to reach Dayara.

Group Photo before the Trek

Before starting our trek, We chanted a slogan “HAR HAR MAHADEV”, after setting up all the things and after taking one group photo, we begin, everyone was happy and full of determination, the weather was very good, the peak was hidden in clouds, the brown muddy trail among the green field. The trek was going really well but just after walking a distance we were getting tired so we used to stop at view points so that people can take rest. We got many view points on the way to take some rest and had our snacks or juice to keep our energy high.

Beginning Point of Dayara Trek
Time for the rest.
Good Weather

After 3 hours of walking we got our TREASURE — brown muddy trail turns into white snow trail.

TREASURE — White snow Trail

Watching beautiful view of jungles, valleys, mountains, helping each other on the way, talking with everyone on the way, clicking photographs, finally we reached the first destination point GUI, But once we reached to Gui , all the tiredness was gone, we can see that our Camps are already setup by our tour travellers and we relaxed while enjoy the mountain view, at that time I was surprised that no one was clicking any pics, all people were busy in their holy mountain view. As it was about to sunset the three layers of yellow, orange and red on snowy mountains was mesmerizing and breathtaking.

GUI Campsite
3 layers — Yellow , Orange, Red

Later on We had some tea and lunch, it was about to dusk, as there is no medium of light at such high altitudes and its damn too cold over there, I was not feeling my fingers, temperature was -7 degree. Before dusk some of us went to jungle for gathering wood for bonfire night. We enjoyed our bonfire night , some of us were busy in playing a
intellectual game POKER. After dinner we spent our night in camps and all of us were excited for next morning.

Orange Sunset skies
Sky Full of stars.

Finally wait was over, Same trek leaders, Same rules and same slogan “HAR HAR MAHADEV”. The trail from Raithal to Gui is a gradually ascending one and that’s why a trek from Raithal to Gui is considered as hard as compared to Gui to Dayara. As we climb up from Gui, we started seeing mountains on the other side, which were earlier hidden.
During the journey we found a new friend BAGIRA, Bagira was gigantic, intelligent and have long furry coats.

Destiny is too close
New Friend

After 3–4 hours, finally we reached the summit and a feeling of achievement can be seen on our faces.


All these experiences, I gained from this trip is challenging, adventurous, extraordianry and relaxing. I got a chance to see things that normally people do not see in their daily life. All these memories will be with me forever and will remain until I die. I will recommend to visit or do such trek “Dayara Bugyal Trek” atleast once in a lifetime.
And that’s the end of part-2. Part-1 of this series — here.
Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.